“An Overview of Wildlife Fertility Control”

An award-winning educational film.

We are proud to announce that our film has received an “Award of Recognition” in the 2022 Impact DOCS competition and an “Excellence” award in the 2022 Nature Without Borders International Film Festival competition.

The Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control is excited to share our award winning educational film, “An Overview of Wildlife Fertility Control,” with you.  We are proud of our results, and hope that you enjoy viewing it.

This unique film was produced with the intention of educating the public and creating connections between wildlife managers, researchers and advocates. It provides a clear, concise and informative overview of the field of wildlife fertility control, and tells the story of ongoing research and projects in the United States.

This film, which took nearly two years to complete, includes numerous interviews with experts in the field in addition to beautiful footage of free roaming horses, burros, white-tailed deer, prairie dogs, elephants and more. Running about 15 minutes in length, “An Overview of Wildlife Fertility Control, is an excellent introduction to one of the most important issues of wildlife population control today.