The BIWFC aims to stimulate vital discussion, collaboration and networking by sponsoring and participating in worldwide wildlife events. 


December 6, 2022 at 10:00 AM

Free Webinar


The BIWFC will host the free webinar Developing an oral contraceptive to manage the UK’s invasive grey squirrel populations on Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 10 AM (EST). In the UK, grey squirrels are classed as an invasive non-native species (invasive alien species in the EU) due to their negative impacts on native red squirrels, tree health and woodland ecosystems. This webinar will look at progress in year four of the five-year oral contraceptive research project and the wider grey squirrel fertility control program, and how UKSA can act as a blueprint for effectively managing established invasive species. For more information or to register for the webinar – click here.

Recent Events

Too many? Managing Hong Kong feral cattle through fertility control.

BIWFC Europe Director Giovanna Massei presented an online seminar about immunocontraception in the Hong Kong feral cattle on 28th November. Click here for more.

Wild Boar Population Trends and Methods to Mitigate Human-Wild Boar Conflicts

BIWFC Europe Director Giovanna Massei discussed human-wild boar conflicts world-wide during the “Wild boar population trends and methods to mitigate human-wild boar conflicts” seminar sponsored by NParks on Saturday, November 19, 2022. Click here for more.


The BIWFC hosted the webinar “Black-tailed deer in the city: A scientific approach to population control using immunocontraception” on Thursday, November 17, 2022. This webinar examined the increasing abundance and density of urban Columbian black-tailed deer that has become a growing concern in Victoria, British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. For more click here.

The Wildlife Society’s 29th Annual Conference

The BIWFC will hosted a symposium titled Fertility Control to Mitigate Conflicts and Manage Wild Horse and Burro Populations on Public Lands in the U.S. at The Wildlife Society’s 29th Annual Conference held in Spokane, Washington November 6-10. BIWFC also exhibited at this conference, one of the largest gatherings of wildlife professionals, drawing over 2,000 attendees in the past. To learn more about our Symposium – click here.

Animal Grantmakers Conference

The BIWFC, a member of Animal Grantmakers, sponsored and attended this annual gathering of the nation’s only funder affinity group focused on protecting and enabling the well-being of all animals.

Pathways Europe: Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conference

The BIWFC hosted a symposium of six speakers titled “Too many? Wildlife fertility control to share landscapes” at the Pathways Europe: Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conference held in Wageningen, The Netherlands, October 19-21, 2022. With the theme of “Sharing Landscapes,” this conference aims to answer the question of how we can share landscapes in ways that are beneficial for both humans and wildlife in times of species extinction, climate change and social injustice.

Past Events

* 4th Free Roaming Equid & Ecosystem Sustainability Summit 2022: Community Connections

* Nordic Congress of Wildlife Research, Uppsala, Sweden

* 13th International Symposium on Wild Boar and Other Suids

* The 7th International Conference on Rodent Biology and Management

* Advancing Animal Welfare Science

* 9th International Conference on Wildlife Fertility Control, 2022

* 2022 PATHWAYS: Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conference

* The 2022 Nordic Congress of Wildlife Research

* The 2021 Wildlife Society’s 28th Annual Conference

* Webinar Series: Mitigating Wild Boar Conflict Around the World: The Potential For Using Fertility Control

* Virtual International Urban Wildlife Conference

* Webinar – Providing Ecological and Social Context for Elephant Immunocontraception: A Case Study in Kwazulu, Natal, South Africa

* Webinar -BIWFC Winter 2021 Grant Cycle Pre-Applicant Informational Webinar 

*Webinar – The Use of Fertility Control To Manage Urban Prairie Dog Populations

*Webinar – Deer Population Demographic Impacts of Intensive Surgical Sterilization Treatments

* Free Roaming Equids and Ecosystem Sustainability Summit

* BIWFC Sponsored Symposium at TWS Virtual Conference 

* Webinar – Wild Equid Management – The role of Fertility Control 

* Webinar: PZP-22: Multi-Year Reversible Contraception for Wild Horses and Deer

* Webinar: an Update on Native and Recombinant Zona Pellucida Immunocontraceptives in Donkeys in the Caribbean

* Pathways 2020 Conference, Kenya, South Africa