2017 Oct

What are the current types of wildlife fertility control?


Besides surgical sterilization, contraceptives for wildlife include hormonal methods, fertility inhibitors such as immunocontraceptives, nicarbazin, VCD (4-vinylcyclohexene diepoxide), triptolide and nicarbazin. Hormonal methods, used in zoo animals and livestock, are based on synthetic hormones which bind to hormone receptors and disrupt reproduction. Those tested as wildlife contraceptives include levonorgestrel and […]

2017 Sep

How are contraceptives administered?


This depends on the contraceptive. Some contraceptives are available as oral formulations delivered in baits while others are delivered as injectable drugs administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly by hand or remotely delivered by syringe-darts via a dart rifle, and as subcutaneous implants.

2017 Sep

Can immunocontraceptives be used on pregnant animals?


When injectable immunocontraceptives are administered during gestation, pregnancy normally goes to term and is then followed by infertility. GnRH-based vaccines do not affect pregnancy when administered to pregnant deer, horses, bison and wild boar. PZP-based vaccines are safe when administered to a wide variety of hooved […]

2017 Sep

How many contraceptive doses are required?


This depends on the species, on the route of administration and on the contraceptive. Injectable immunocontraceptives which are effective after a single dose, may last a lifetime or require re-administration every 1-3 years to maintain infertility. A single levonorgestrel implant maintains infertility in several marsupial species […]

2017 Sep

Do contraceptives have side effects on target species?


Immunocontraceptive vaccines may cause injection site reaction in some species, similar to that produced by other injectable vaccines. In other species no side effects have been observed. Research on the potential welfare impact of hormonal methods on wildlife is ongoing. No welfare effects have been reported for nicarbazin.

2017 Sep

Are there any contraceptives registered for use in the U.S.?


Ovocontrol®, based on nicarbazin, is registered for pigeons. The GnRH-based immunocontraceptive vaccine GonaConTM is registered for white-tailed deer, feral horses, feral donkeys and prairie dogs. The PZP-based immunocontraceptives ZonaStat-H and ZonaStat-D are registered for horses and wild burros (H) and for white-tailed deer (D). ContraPest, based […]

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