2017 Sep

What is Nicarbazin?


Nicarbazin is a compound that causes a reduction in hatchability and egg laying due to increased membrane permeability between the egg white and egg yolk.2 This oral fertility inhibitor is reversible and is cleared from the body after 48 hours.1

2017 Sep

What does surgical sterilization entail?


Surgical methods of contraception include tubal ligation, tubal transection, ovariohysterectomy, ovariectomy, gonadectomy, vasectomy and salpingectomy. While most of these procedures are permanent, tubal litigation is reversible.5 15 18

2017 Sep

What are hormonal methods of immunocontraception?


Hormonal methods of contraception include progestins, which disrupt reproductive processes in males and females.16 There are oral progestins as well as depot injections containing progestin that regulate contraception. Deslorein implants are an example of a GnRH-agonists which have been used on captive wildlife to inhibit reproduction.

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