2017 Sep

Has fertility control been used to manage wildlife populations?


Several elephant populations in South Africa are being managed with PZP-based immuno-contraceptives. PZP- based and GnRH-based immunocontraceptives are also used to manage wild horse, deer and feral livestock populations on public and private lands, military bases, national parks, and islands worldwide. Pigeons are managed with nicarbazin-based contraceptives in many European […]

2017 Sep

Can fertility control target enough animals to reduce a population?


This depends on many factors such as population size, density and reproductive biology of the target species, type of contraceptive and method to deliver contraceptives. The effect of contraception on population size also depends on whether a population is isolated or open to immigration and emigration. Feedback processes, such as […]

2017 Sep

Is wildlife fertility control publicly supported?


Global shifts in public values and attitudes about wildlife in the 21st century are driving innovations towards non-lethal methods, such as fertility control, as an alternative to culling.

Opinions vary in relation to wildlife species, local densities and economic or environmental impacts of different wildlife species, and […]

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