Grant Proposal Instructions


A grant proposal will include a proposal summary, a full proposal narrative and all required supporting documents. Proposals must be in English. The entire proposal should not exceed 15 pages (exclusive of audited financial statement or 990 return) with all margins being at least 1” and with font size being no smaller than 11. The proposal should be submitted in .pdf format.

PROPOSAL SUMMARY (not to exceed two pages)

Your submitted and approved Letter of Intent (LOI) will serve as your Proposal Summary. Therefore, if ANY information in your LOI has changed, you must submit a REVISED LETTER OF INTENT which clearly indicates each change made.

PLEASE NOTE: Any substantive change made to your proposed scope of work after BIWFC has approved your submitted LOI may require further review and discussion in order to determine continued eligibility for this RFP.

FULL PROPOSAL NARRATIVE (not to exceed six single-spaced pages)

The applicant should submit a narrative with the following information:

  • Description and Justification: Describe your project and explain how it supports the mission of the BIWFC. Please be as direct and detailed as possible.
  • Goals and Outcomes: What are the goals of the project? If applicable, what hypothesis are you testing? Elaborate on the benefit the project will have on advancing the knowledge, understanding, acceptance, and implementation of wildlife fertility control, its relation to needed public policy, or how the project will advance the field of wildlife fertility control through innovation, emerging best practices, or new technologies. What do you expect will be the key outcome or product as a result of your proposed activities? What are the broader potential impacts of your proposed scope of work?
  • Design and Methods: Elaborate on the methods that will be employed through the grant. Describe the type of data being collected and how it will be collected.
  • Analysis: How will the data be analyzed?
  • Activities: Describe the primary activities that will be implemented through the project. Clearly lay out a time frame for the proposed research project and associated activities. Please indicate on the timeline when you anticipate achieving any milestones that are critical to completion of the project.
  • Project Team: Explain your organization’s ability to undertake this project. List key individuals who will be implementing this grant and describe their qualifications relevant for project implementation.
  • Animal Welfare: If your project intends to use animals as subjects, explain how you will address animal welfare needs and issues. What will happen to the animals at the end of the project? What steps will be taken to alleviate any welfare concerns?
  • Other (Optional): Provide any further information important for the review of this proposal.


  • Budget – Applicants are required to submit a detailed, line-item project budget and narrative. Costs to be covered by this grant must be clearly identified. Please CLICK HERE for BIWFC Winter 2021 Grant Cycle Guidelines to review if applicable as well as unallowable costs.
  • Permits and approvals – Applicants are asked to describe any necessary permits or approvals associated with the proposed project
  • IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter if applicable
  • CVs of key individuals and principal investigators
  • List of board members – if available
  • An audited financial statement or 990 return of your sponsoring organization’s most recently completed fiscal year if available
  • Letter of support from your organization
  • BIWFC may request two letters of reference