The BIWFC served as a sponsor for Pathways Africa 2020: Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conference and Training at the Brackenhurst Conference and Training Center in Limuru, Kenya from February 16-19, 2020. During the conference BIWFC also sponsored a symposium titled, “A Quarter Century of Using Elephant Immuno-Contraception to Control Population Growth.”

Since 1995 African elephant population management has been maintained using a native porcine zona pellucida (or p-Zed-P) vaccine for elephants on fenced parks and reserves in South Africa. BIWFC’s symposium covered the history of the vaccine’s use with African elephants, implementation, practical techniques, challenges faced, potential use of P-zed-P in Asian elephants, and more.

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  • pZP vaccine immunocontraception of African elephant (Loxodonta africana) cows:
    A review of 22 years of research

    Henk Bertschinger, University of Pretoria’s Veterinary Population Management Laboratory
  • The Makalali Elephants: Changing the History Books
    Audrey Delsink, Wildlife Director, Humane Society International/Africa
  • Field Application of Immunocontraception on Free Ranging Elephant Populations
    JJ van Altena, Project Implementation Specialist, Humane Society International/Africa and Director, Global Supplies
  • Towards novel zona pellucida vaccine formulations for use in wildlife and domestic animals
    Martin Schulman, Faculty of Vet Science at the University of Pretoria
  • Immunocontraception and Human-Elephant Conflict – Another Tool in the Conflict Mitigation Toolkit
    Paul Cryer, African Conservation Trust
  • Forget the Science: A Field Manager’s Perspective on Elephant Immunocontraception
    Pete Ruinard, Conservation Manager for Ithala Game Reserve, Ezemvelo KwaZulu – Natal Wildlife
  • The Emerging use of pZP in Asian Elephants: India
    Sumanth Bindumadhav, Wildlife Campaign Manager, Humane Society International/India

Nearly 300 participants, from 27 countries, representing 23 academic institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations attended Pathways Africa 2020, which is part of the Pathways: Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conference and Training conference series. Founded by Prof. Michael J. Manfredo and Prof. Jerry Vaske (Colorado State University), the program is designed to address the myriad issues that arise as people and wildlife struggle to coexist in a sustainable and healthy manner. Its mission is to increase professionalism and effectiveness in the Human Dimensions of the Wildlife Management field.

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