The Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control (BIWFC) participated in several ways in the 2023 Pathways Conference at Colorado State University in Fort Collins in June 2023. BIWFC hosted a symposium, “Human Dimensions of Fertility Control to Mitigate Human-Wildlife Conflicts,” with speakers, Jason Bruemmer, U.S. Department of Agriculture/APHIS Wildlife Services, National Wildlife Research Center, Jason Delbourne, NC State College of Natural Resources, and Brian Folt, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The talks included: Wildlife Fertility Control: What’s Possible Versus What’s Practical (Bruemmer); Stakeholder Engagement for Genetic Biocontrol of Common Carp in the Great Lakes Region (Delborne); and Stakeholder Engagement for a Horse Population Management Tool (Folt). Their interesting and thought provoking presentations were followed by a lively and engaging Q&A session with the audience.  The symposium was moderated by Stephanie Boyles Griffin, BIWFC Advisory Committee Chair,  and Keith Carlisle, USDA/APHIS Wildlife Services, National Wildlife Research Center.