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2023 Jun

Durable Contraception in Female Cats: Viral-Vectored Delivery of Feline Hormone Transgene

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Nature Communications
Lindsey M. Vansandt, Marie-charlotte Meinsohn, Philippe Godin, Nicholas Nagykery, Natalie Sicher, Motohiro Kano, Aki Kashiwagi, Maeva Chauvin, Hatice D. Saatcioglu, Julie L. Barnes, Amy G. Miller, Amy K. Thompson, Helen L. Bateman, Elizabeth M. Donelan, Raquel González, Jackie Newsom, Guangping Gao, Patricia K. Donahoe, Dan Wang, William F. Swanson, David Pépin,
Vol. 14, Iss. 1.
2019 Oct

Immunogenicity and contraceptive efficacy of recombinant fusion protein encompassing Sp17 spermatozoa‐specific protein and GnRH: Relevance of adjuvants and microparticles based delivery to minimize number of injections

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American Journal of Reproductive Immunology
Vidisha Minhas, Robin Kumar, Trisha Moitra, Rita Singh, Amulya K. Panda, Satish K. Gupta,
Vol. 83, Iss. 4.
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