“I think it’s wonderful that the Botstiber Institute has come into this discipline. The commitment that they have in education and bringing different groups of people together, finding forums, venues, for communication in a positive way, I think could be really helpful.  I know a lot of us look forward to that continuing and growing as you identify more ways to do that, more people, and more groups to work with.”

Cheryl Asa
Advisory Board Chair
Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Reproductive Management Center

“I think the Institute can play a very big role indeed, as far as fertility control is concerned, by making people aware of the methods that are available.  And it is not only fertility control, it’s creating awareness of human-wildlife conflict and how to avoid that.”

Henk Bertschinger
Emeritus Professor, BVSc, DrVetMed, PhD,
Veterinary Population Management Laboratory
Department of Production Animal Studies
University of Pretoria, South Africa

I’m very excited about the Botstiber Institute, because I can see it acting as a catalyst. I can see it acting as a hub of information for anybody that wants to know more about fertility control. I feel the Botstiber Institute has a big role in terms of bridging the gap between research and practical applications. Academics are often not very good at talking to the public. So I can see the Botstiber Institute having a coordinating role in this context. In the future, I can definitely see the Botstiber Institute expanding, becoming larger, and perhaps having contact points in different continents.”

Giovanna Massei 
Senior Ecologist
Mammal Discipline Leader National Wildlife Management Centre
Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), UK

“The Botstiber Institute has been a great resource for so many people with the Repository of Publications on Fertility Control. Most importantly for us at the SCC, the BIWFC helped support The Science and Conservation Center’s first international conference in August 2019. Thanks so much for your continued support of Wildlife Fertility Control.”

Kimberly M. Frank
Executive Director
Science and Conservation Center 

“In a short span of time, Botstiber Institute has made seminal contributions in the field of fertility control with special reference to ‘wildlife population management’ by disseminating the current knowledge through video/webinar, creating Repository of Publications, awarding highly competitive grants and supporting international conferences. I am confident that in future, Botstiber Institute will further broaden its activities having far-reaching implications to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts.”

Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta 
President-International Society for Immunology of Reproduction
Former Deputy Director, National Institute of Immunology
ICMR Emeritus Scientist

“I think the Botstiber Institute has a really great advantage being able to network across the globe and bring the advances in fertility control to wildlife field managers and educators that want to learn more.”

Grace Kahler
Wildlife Field Manager
The Humane Society of the United States