BIWFC Winter 2021 Grant Cycle
STEP 1: Pre-Applicant Informational Webinar

In this webinar, which was originally presented on February 4, 2021, Monique Principi, BIWFC’s Managing Director, and Stephanie Boyles Griffin, BIWFC’s Science and Policy Director, review the new grant guidelines and instructions, the LOI and grant application timelines.

We invite applications seeking up to $25,000 USD from all who wish to contribute to the field of wildlife fertility control in one of the following ways:

  • Public Policy
  • Public Education/Stakeholder Analysis (i.e. hunters, veterinarians, ecologists, community leaders, and animal advocates) – includes community outreach and engagement
  • Feasibility Studies and Cost
  • Proof of Concept studies including, but not limited to, new agents, recombinant agents, controlled release technology, identification and delivery systems
  • Coordinated Environmental Controls
  • Modelling Systems.

CLICK HERE for more information regarding the Winter 2021 Grant cycle.