Life in the Big Smoke: Peri-Urban Kangaroo Management Using Fertility Control

This webinar, which was originally presented in June 2019, provides an overview of the management challenges posed by peri-urban kangaroo populations and reviews the current state of the field of fertility control as applied to free-living kangaroo populations in Australia.  Highlights include key technical and policy challenges that limit the more widespread use of fertility control to manage suburban kangaroo populations, current research directions, and the way forward.

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Catherine (Cathy) Herbert, Associate Professor in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences at theUniversity of Sydney, has worked on the reproductive management of marsupials, including wallabies, koalas, bettongs, Tasmanian devils, and kangaroos, for the last 20 years.  She has published 19 peer-reviewed journal articles on the management of marsupial populations and wildlife fertility control.

Her current research passion is working to understand the impacts of coastal infrastructure development on eastern grey kangaroo populations. A cornerstone of this work is the development of efficacious approaches to the use of fertility control in these controversial management scenarios so that non-lethal control methods can be routinely incorporated into peri-urban kangaroo management programs.