1st Workshop on Wildlife Fertility Control:
What Now? What Next? Where To?

June 17 – 18, 2024
University of York
York, United Kingdom


The following poster abstracts have been accepted for the 1st Workshop on Wildlife Fertility Control.  Presenters will display a printed version of their poster during the Workshop’s scheduled poster sessions. ( Click here to read all available abstracts.)

1.  Development of an effective, versatile humane wild hog trap  (read abstract)

2.  The future delivery of oral contraceptives to control the grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis): do age, sex, and reproductive status affect bait uptake? (read abstract)

3.  Too many wild boar: can fertility control help? (read abstract)

4.  A step change towards automatic ‘precision’ wildlife control. YOLOv8 object detection for automatic wild boar age classification.

5.  Assessing the short-term impact of DiazaCon treatment on fertility indicators in grey squirrels (read abstract)

6.  Establishing a baseline for fertility control study

7.  Grey squirrels Sciurus carolinensis and the spread of tick-borne diseases: how does fertility
control compare to traditional culling? (read abstract)

8. Grey squirrel impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services in UK woodland habitats (read abstract)

9.  Developing a primate-specific bait delivery system for crop-foraging primates in South Africa

10. Differences in testicular volume and sperm production in male brown bears (Ursus arctos) treated with  Vacsinsel ®

11.  Evaluating safety and effectiveness of a single dose immunocontraceptive vaccine for fertility control in the invasive alien species coypu (Myocastor coypus) (read abstract)

12.  Use of ethane dimethanesulfonate as the basis for a new and reversible chemical contraceptive for synanthropic and wild animals

13.  When and how might contraception improve wild animal welfare?

14.  Fertility control in rodents provides ecological balance and improves animal welfare of the food chain.

15. Immunocontraception and Human Elephant Conflict – Another Tool in the Conflict Mitigation Toolkit. (read abstract)

16. Community Support for the Use of Rodent Fertility Control in Washington DC – (read abstract)

17. Working With Communities In The United States To Reduce Suburban Deer Populations Using Pzp Immunocontraception:  Strategies For Success – (read abstract)